The Virtual Team Teaching Network (VTTN REVE), based at Vanier College, brings together teachers and professionals who want to push the limits of the traditional classroom and open it to the perspective of others through collaboration.

VTTN REVE’s primary mandate is to help bridge the distance of the urban and rural regions by connecting the rural regions of Quebec to the metropolitan community of English speakers, thereby contributing  to increase the opportunities to practice speaking in the minority language and strengthen the professional ties between teachers and students.

This community of practice also contributes to the professional development of teachers and professionals by offering the opportunity to exchange with others, practice IT skills, and access relevant pedagogical materials. It has four main objectives:

  1. To create a platform and opportunities to transfer knowledge and share expertise among participants
  2. To increase participant involvement and autonomy through the web platform
  3. To provide access to basic training, support, mentoring, and pedagogical resources
  4. To develop the network through web presence, social media, and blogging


Our Team

Isabelle Delisle

Pedagogical Counsellor, Academic Programs and Research. Project Coordinator.
Email: delislei@vaniercollege.qc.ca
Phone: 514-744-7500 local 7903

A Network of Teachers and Professional from:

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