Intellectual property

The work you create will always be yours but we also want others to be able to share and learn from your experiences. Our work, graphics and logos are licensed under CC by 4.0. This means you can share, copy, and redistribute the material. You can also adapt or transform the materials for any purpose as long as you give appropriate credit, maintain the same restrictions and do not intend to use the materials commercially. Keep in mind that anything you create with the Virtual Team Teaching Network will also be licensed under CC by 4.0.

Here are a few examples of how to properly attribute your work or ours:

The information below was taken from (cc) Creative Commons. For more information, go to:

Licensing considerations

The Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates. Our tools give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work.

Licensing types

The following describes each of the six main licenses offered when you choose to publish your work with a Creative Commons license. We have listed them starting with the most accommodating license type you can choose and ending with the most restrictive license type you can choose.

License Conditions

Creators choose a set of conditions they wish to apply to their work.

attribAttribution (by)

All CC licenses require that others who use your work in any way must give you credit the way you request, but not in a way that suggests you endorse them or their use. If they want to use your work without giving you credit or for endorsement purposes, they must get your permission first.

standardShareAlike (sa)

You let others copy, distribute, display, perform, and modify your work, as long as they distribute any modified work on the same terms. If they want to distribute modified works under other terms, they must get your permission first.

noncommNonCommercial (nc)

You let others copy, distribute, display, perform, and (unless you have chosen NoDerivatives) modify and use your work for any purpose other than commercially unless they get your permission first.

nomodNoDerivatives (nd)

You let others copy, distribute, display and perform only original copies of your work. If they want to modify your work, they must get your permission first.

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